Dr. Niteen V. Patil

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

It gives me immense pleasure to propose this flagship programme of MAFSU. The main objective of NAHEP is to provide more relevant and higher quality education to students. NAHEP addresses quality and implement technically sound and verifiable investments that increase faculty performance, attract better students, improve student learning and raise their prospects for future employability, particularly in the private sector.

Dr. R. C. Agrawal

National Director, NAHEP
and DDG (Ag. Edn.), ICAR

The project shall fulfil the mandate of NAHEP and provide a multi-global collaboration in the area of food safety. It will be helpful in the generation of talented and industry-ready manpower as well which is the need of the hour for the country. I appreciate the efforts of MAFSU to uptake the program for development of the faculty, students and infrastructure.

Dr. Anuradha Agrawal

National Co-ordinator

The proposed centre will be an efficient model for teaching, research and extension in the area of food safety. The project shall help in better governance of the university and strengthen the Education system.

Dr. (Mrs.) Hema Tripathi

National Co-ordinator
(M&E and ESS)

The CAAST sub-component will set up a multidisciplinary facility for food safety with cutting edge research. The outcome shall benefit the society by providing capable human resources irrespective of their gender and class.

Dr. Shirish Upadhye

Director of Instruction & Dean (Vet)
M.V.Sc., Ph.D

The program will enhance the skill and knowledge of academic staff further enriching undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. It will also boost the students with agro-industrial acumen.

Dr. N. V. Kurkure

Director of Research
MAFSU, Nagpur

The project will be a milestone in the field of research and act as a model for the university. We expect this venture to contribute in the upgradation of concerned faculties of the university and develop radical technologies in the field of animal origin foods and their safety and in turn serve the society.

Dr. A.U. Bhikane

Director of Extension Education,
MAFSU, Nagpur

Dr. A.U. Bhikane, presently working as Director of Extension Education, MAFSU, Nagpur,has served University for 32 years in different capacities viz. Associate Dean, University Head,Medicine, Head of the Clinics, Head of the Extension Dept. and Member, Academic council,MAFSU, Nagpur.

Dr. P. G. Wasnik

Dean, Faculty of Dairy Tech.
MAFSU, Nagpur

This program will provide a new prospect to the dairy technology in terms of safe production and quality assurance of dairy products. It is expected to benefit the dairy farmers and bring about their social and economic development.

Mr. Sachin Kalantre


The project shall bring the overall development of the university and inculcate competitiveness among the staff members and students. I can foresee the improved education and research system of the university alongwith significant contributions to the society.

Smt. Manisha G. Shende

Comptroller (Finance & Accounts)

This project is an opportunity for the university to develop advanced technologies for safe food production and transfer the same to the farmers and industries. It will help in developing high end facilities and achieve future prospects of the university.

Dr. S. U. Gulavane

Project Implementing Officer &
Associate Dean, MVC, Mumbai

The establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research on Animal Food Safety under NAHEP-CAAST is one more feather in the cap of our 135 years old institute - The Mumbai Veterinary College. In the current scenario, such a Centre of Excellence in heart of Mumbai city will boost entrepreneurship and also serve as a gateway for the students and faculties of the College & University, Field Veterinarians, Clinicians, Nutritionists and others associated with Animal Agriculture to acquire new skills and serve the profession.

Dr. R. J. Zende

Principal Investigator
Mumbai Veterinary college

The project shall establish a unique referral center in the area of food safety in the country. The centre will disseminate the information and discoveries to various stakeholders and other authorities related to animal origin foods to elucidate the problems associated with food safety.


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